HUMALIFE USA is marketing organization offering their customers a pure selection of OMRI certified 100% organic Humic and Fulvic acid concentrates. We also offer our Humic and Fulvic concentrates in pure mountain spring water and ATP elixirs originally developed as Life Crystals by bio physicist, George Merkl.

Determination, dedication and a passionate desire to help people on their journey to wellness is the driving force behind and in the forefront of what propels the success of this company. Working for the people to empower each and every human being on this planet to take control of their own health and the health of our children, is not only essential but crucial. Mother earth has provided us with everything we need to make this happen, it is up to us to bring back to goodness, honoring ourselves, respecting our planet earth and making a difference which in turn will lead to a much more promising vision for our future…..

Thank you for keeping your appointment with destiny!  “What’s in our bottle is a blessing.

HUMALIFE products are infused in love and light, a blessing we want to share with everyone who values personal health and chooses advanced quality products that lead to love for all life.  “We have a miracle, and the miracle is fulvic & humic acid