Humalife Humic Acid

Mother Nature’s most powerful broad spectrum anti biotic known to man.



Mother Nature’s most powerful broad spectrum anti biotic known to man.


•  80+ minerals
•  Potent Anti viral properties
•  Promotes bone regeneration
•  Clinically proven anti-inflammatory
•  Burns fat and builds muscle
•  Immune boosting
•  Hormone balancing
•  Anti carcinogenic properties
•  Protection from harmful chemicals
•  Protects against asthma and bronchitis, fibromyalgia, auto immune disorders, diabetes and tuberculosis
•  Clinically shown to stop all viruses, bacteria & fungus by placing a prophylactic coating on receptor sites and thereby preventing reattachment to the host cell.  

What is Humic Acid ?

Humic Acid is a natural ionic molecule extracted from ancient organic soil deposits, a key element for our nutrient starved world. These ancient soil deposits—named humus, or humin, from the Greek word for soil, is vital for the reversal and prevention of disease and essential for optimal health. Humic acid contains highly-concentrated minerals and healing substances. These healing substances are composed of long chain molecules which are high in molecular weight, dark brown to black in color and soluble in an alkaline solution. Humic acid binds to both positive and negative charged ions making it the most powerful free radical scavenger natural anti-oxidant.

The humic acid molecule prevents viruses from re-attaching to host cells by coating the receptor sites of the viruses with a protective thin film, a process known as “viral fusion inhibition. This prevents viruses from binding with cells. This supports the body’s natural ability to arrest the growth of the most threatening viruses. Humic acid’s function is to balance, energize all cell life and biological properties it comes in contact with. Black Gold Medicine as the ancients called it, was used through history and continues to this day to be used as an outstanding healer since the 14th century Ming dynasty.

Topical application of humic Acid may significantly reduce or even completely suppress herpes HSV-1 and HSV-2.

Ingredients 60 ml and 100 ml concentrate:

Humic Acid mechanically extracted from certified organic humate to provide the highest and purest concentration of 12% Humic Acid concentrate on the market.

Recommended dosage:

1-2 droppers in a 8 oz`s of water, 2 to 3 times daily for beginners.  After detox symptoms disappear, dosage may be increased up to 7 droppers or 1/4 oz per 500 ml/16 oz of water.  You can drink as much as you like, just listen to your body. This can be taken with or without meals and can be added to soups and other dishes for added flavor.

Humic Acid used for internal and external application. Safe for all age

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