A Regenerating and Rejuvenating Elixir


Containing, all of the lighter fractions of Humic Acids along with small amounts of Fulvic acids, Tumi-Love largely remains in the GI tract thus settling the stomach where it may help stimulate beneficial gut microbes. Tumi-Love may also help the GI tract resist infection by pathogens.

All probiotics are foreign to our gut flora and only remain a short time unless replaced by taking more probiotics.  Providing the correct nutrients to the gut will stimulate production of our body’s own microbes and eliminating the need for foreign probiotics.

Fulvic acid will carry up to 60 minerals and elements directly into the cell, the added combination of humic acid provides the necessary elements in a bio available form so the cell can function at its optimum potential.

As both fulvic and humic acid put a prophylactic coating on viruses receptor sites which stops viruses and bacteria from reattaching to the host cell, thereby stopping all viruses and bacteria.

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100 ML Bottle, 500 ML Bottle